The Antifragile Supply Chain

“Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better.” –Nassim Taleb The last few years were undoubtedly among the most disruptive in history – social distancing was not the only form of isolation supply chain leaders had to practice. They also had to break away from […]

3 Ways to Monetize Data and Analytics

Monetize your data – a mantra many companies are looking to implement to grow through data and analytics. Although companies are following the data monetization trend by launching data-focused businesses, only some achieve significant or notable financial impact. At which stage does this occur? Data monetization must be aligned with a company’s data strategy. However,  […]

Enhancing Product Development with the Cloud

When it comes to product engineering and manufacturing, the cloud holds endless capabilities, thanks to the digital technologies it can enable. With product design and optimization, innovation, data utilization to manufacture consumer-specific products, and speed time to market, the cloud has more to offer to organizations willing to think in new ways. Advancing product development […]

Scaling up AI across the pharmaceutical value chain

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are powering major breakthroughs across many industries. However, in research dependent industries like pharmaceuticals, these technologies are progressing faster. AI is mining insights from multiple data sets making it highly interoperable and reshaping the value chain to bring life-saving drugs to us faster. Will it impact every stage of the […]

AI – The Game-changer for Retailers

Digital transformation in retail is one of the most disruptive factors today. Digital retail holds power to transform the everyday retail experience, whether start-ups or large corporations adopt it.   So what can small to medium-sized do to best leverage AI & its capabilities? One route is the adoption of AI – from using computer vision […]

Acing the AI Revolution in Global Supply Chains

Their recent evolution has made supply chains more challenging & complex. Geo-political disruptions, market volatility and a higher need for efficiency have urged leaders to build supply chains that are more agile & flexible. This has triggered regionalization & optimization of flows and, therefore, the need to focus on supply chain resilience.  Opting for AI […]

5 Global Supply Chain Trends for 2022

As global supply chains continue to evolve rapidly, maintaining the integrity of supply chains becomes increasingly pertinent.  Read our 5 key takeaways for 2022: Visibility  Businesses often list supply chain visibility as an operational challenge. With no access to real-time data relating to order process, inventory & potential supply chain disruptions, stakeholders can experience business […]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as Medical Devices

As technology advances, AI, specifically the subset of AI – machine learning (ML), is an essential part of an increasing number of medical devices. Deep learning techniques to diagnose cancer, deter anomalies in CT scans, robotics in surgery, and neural networks to determine ideal drug candidates for testing are just a few examples healthcare is […]

Migrating to the cloud? Factors you must consider

Cloud computing has slowly emerged as a game-changer in technology and within good reason. Although it may seem like a new discipline, cloud computing is actually an evolution of 2 rising technologies – time-sharing that allows users to share computer resources of a large system and distributed computing i.e. the decentralization of computing resources to […]

AI in driving the future of manufacturing

One industry that is reaping the benefits of emerging advancements in AI is manufacturing. With manufacturing systems becoming increasingly dynamic and complex, fully automated production lines and smart manufacturing are becoming the need of the hour. Addressing this need, AI is driving substantial innovation by reshaping traditional production systems into “smart factories” which today are […]