The Changing Facets of AI in Retail

The retail industry is ready for change, and so are its consumers. Having a much higher bar than their bargain-hunting predecessors, buyers now consider convenience & flexibility as an absolute must while continuing to crave personalized service & experiences. While ‘e-tailing’ has been around since the 90’s, buyers since have transitioned into a more receptive […]

Artificial Intelligence Brings in Quick Wins for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Technology is changing the way humans live their lives and the healthcare and life sciences sectors areis not far behind on adopting new systems. Among the many advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to be particularly attractive for its ability to analyse large swaths of data so as to provide appropriate insights to decision makers.  […]

Making Enterprise Data Dance: Three Strategies for Maximizing your Most Valuable Resource

President and CEO of CLOUDSUFI. Innovator and angel investor. Global leader in creating antifragile enterprises. What has intrigued me the most about this notion of “data dancing” is some of the trends that Gartner is predicting over the next four years. By the end of 2024, it expects that “75% of enterprises will shift from piloting to operationalizing […]

Antifragility on Steroids: Embracing Disruption as the New Norm

One of the key lessons learned in 2020 is that disruption is the new norm. As corporate leaders, we have to be ready for anything. Even as we navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic, we have to anticipate what we will do when the next virus or superbug rages around the world in a devastating way. […]