The Antifragile Supply Chain

“Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better.”

Nassim Taleb

The last few years were undoubtedly among the most disruptive in history – social distancing was not the only form of isolation supply chain leaders had to practice. They also had to break away from their old ways of thinking and make critical shifts to successfully navigate a new supply chain era. The new era is about building antifragile supply chains. 

So what is an antifragile supply chain?

An antifragile system does not adapt to acute stressors but instead harnesses and transforms them to advance its capacity, performance, and output. In other words, resilient systems adapt, and antifragile systems evolve. Leaders had to learn to shift from building resilience to becoming antifragile.

But how are these antifragile systems innovated? 

Antifragile systems don’t create themselves. They must be innovated by us humans, who control them. Innovation begins with the recognition that the solution does not yet exist. Let’s simplify this – leaders must innovate not only their supply chain systems but also their mental models, which are essentially their personal algorithms. 

“You can’t solve a problem using the same kind of thinking that created it.”

Albert Einstein

CLOUDSUFI, powered by Google technologies, leads innovation by providing assessment, industry solutions and services. We help customers build antifragile supply chains characterized by 

  1. End-to-end visibility – making it possible to detect, understand, and whether the changes affecting your supply chain; 
  2. Real-time adjustment – so you can take action early and evolve your supply chain;
  3. Continuous benchmarking – with industry peers and your own internal goals; 
  4. Network approach – eliminating single points of failure 

Can organizations accelerate the ability to digitally transform their supply chain?

Partnering with Google allows us to leverage core cloud foundations, productized data foundations of the Google supply chain platform and use case-specific machine learning models and persona-based business applications to access and organize internal and external information at your fingertips.

“We exist to eliminate the gap between Human Intuition and Data-Backed Decisions.”

Irfan Khan, CEO & President, CLOUDSUFI

We build agile, reliable, and scalable organizational structures while deploying the latest digital technologies from Google Cloud to enable supply chain leaders to

1. Sense risk and capitalize on disruption

CLOUDSUFI facilitates monitoring of the environment across multiple tiers of partners and leads indicators to predict risks accurately, helping leaders assess the impact on their organization, competitors and customers – all to capitalize on them with actions that lead and scale the market. 

2. Gain the first-to-market advantage by sensing product needs rather than demand

CLOUDSUFI enables leaders to shift from forecasting demand to actively influencing it. Leaders who operate from innovative mental models while leveraging our applications are better able to shape market trends which, in turn, fast-tracks their company to the frontline for gaining a first-to-market advantage.

3. Deliver an outstanding customer experience with OTIFs

CLOUDSUFI empowers leaders to continuously predict on-time in-full (OTIF) and evolve delivery routes and approaches for an unparalleled customer experience that enables customers with end-to-end traceability and provenance, leading to increased, repeat, and long-term business. 

4. Drive business with sustainability

CLOUDSUFI helps leaders drive sustainable business processes top-down, focusing on sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution. This ensures the right sourcing, reduced risks, penalty-based risk transfer, energy-efficient manufacturing, and optimized warehouse and logistic operations for the best customer centricity.

If the last few years are any indication, unprecedented risk may increasingly be the norm, with antifragility representing the new paradigm for a new supply chain era. Everything is different – mental models, innovation, agility and partnerships. Everything must be rethought and refashioned to drive not an adaptation but evolution. 

Welcome to the Google ecosystem, where CLOUDSUFI makes enterprise data dance and supply chains antifragile.

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