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Strategy Consulting

Unlock your business potential to navigate challenges, seize opportunities and reach sustainable success.

Supply Chain Consulting

Antifragile supply chains harness and transform stressors to advance their capacity, performance, and output. Evolve your supply chain to become antifragile with supply chain modeling and optimization services focused on improving your cash and customer experience while reducing cost and carbon.

Data Monetization Consulting

We provide direct and indirect data monetization consulting leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze and extract insights from data, allowing our customers to provide more personalized products and services, improve operations, make better business decisions and create a monetizable data exchange within the boundaries of data security and privacy.

Customer Journey Consulting

We enable your businesses to gain a holistic understanding of customers – both human and machine – to make data-driven improvements to deliver a seamless and personalized experience at every stage of the journey. Our focus is on empathy and design thinking principles to identify the most effective channels and features to improve your total user experience.

Google Marketplace Listing

We help your product team in every step of selling on the Google Cloud marketplace. Whether your offering is SaaS or built on Virtual machine, Kubernetes or Containerized services, we simplify the build, review, listing, go-to-market strategy and selling. Our unique process for strategic alignment with Google Cloud Marketplace will put you a step ahead of the competition from day one.

How we help you launch on Marketplace



Data Monetization

Our expertise in data, AI and cloud enables us to deliver data-driven and AI-powered digital transformation.


Customer-Centric Approach

We focus on understanding the unique needs and delivering tailored solutions to empower our customers to create new ideas, products, and services, making their lives easier, more productive, and more creative.


Outcome Focus

By leveraging our breadth of assets, frameworks and proven methodologies, you can maximize value and accelerate time-to-market.


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