Retail & CPG

Improve Customer Experience

Retail & CPG

Improve Customer Experience

Transform your business with a strong data foundation to rapidly adapt to consumers’ increasing demand for convenience, speed, and personalized experiences.

Only those retailers who provide a seamless, personalized shopping experience across all channels will be best positioned for success.

Unleash Your Business Potential

Adapt, evolve, and grow even in a challenging environment.

Rapidly adapt to changing consumer behavior

Deliver omnichannel experience

Navigate supply chain volatility and macro environment with ease

Achieve ambitious social and environmental goals

Adapt to Direct-to-Consumer business model


Our solutions enable retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to access, manage, and share data seamlessly, deliver personalized customer experiences, optimize supply chains, and make data-driven decisions.

Specialized Services

We combine strategy with data and AI to empower you to make data-driven decisions.
Smarter. Faster.

Unlock value with data monetization and antifragile supply chain.

Modernize your integration, insights, intelligence and data governance journey.

Optimize your applications and cloud Infrastructure.

Achieve your goals with specialized expertise, technologies and resources.

Customer Success Stories


5 Steps to a “Servitized” Supply Chain

Supply chain organizations face multiple challenges, including increased costs, reduced margins, customized offerings for their client base, and rapid commoditization.

The Resilient Digital Supply Chain

In the face of unprecedented disruption, organizations are embracing change but more so, digital supply chains to deliver efficiency and

AI – The Game-changer for Retailers

Digital transformation in retail is one of the most disruptive factors today. Digital retail holds power to transform the everyday

The Changing Facets of AI in Retail

The retail industry is ready for change, and so are its consumers. Having a much higher bar than their bargain-hunting

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CLOUDSUFI Establishes a Generative AI Innovation Lab Powered by Google Cloud to Enable Next-generation Autonomous Supply Chains


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