SUFICARE integrates structured and unstructured patient data from disparate data sources into a holistic patient centric view.


Healthcare organisations have historically relied heavily on paper-based health records. Over the last few years, there has been a conscious effort towards becoming more digital with electronic health records (EHR), however, data is still siloed. When patient information is stored differently and across multiple systems it becomes difficult for healthcare professionals to get a full view of a patient’s history and care. 

The lack of a holistic view or full picture of a patient’s record impacts the care providers ability to make fully informed decisions in the treatment. Achieving this complete patient centric view is hence, a growing priority towards achieving effective patient care.

The Problem

Often clinicians review at least 5 different documents or applications when seeing a patient. Multiple healthcare systems across hospitals, clinics, physicians, pharmacies, pathology labs, insurers etc. have increased and siloed data sets that make it challenging to get a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical record, making it tough to streamline how clinicians provide care and enhance the patient experience.

This has led to a widespread fragmentation of patient data and a lack of comprehensive patient profiles:

Different providers, services, devices, applications, and databases contain disparate patient data that must be consolidated to present a 360º patient view. Compliance with HL7 or FHIR standards is also required to transfer data between healthcare systems.

Having a holistic patient centric view of a patient’s health information and history is integral to delivering the highest quality of patient care, the lack of these comprehensive profiles lead to degraded health outcomes. 

How We Solve it

Our application provides a holistic view of a patient to enable clinical decision support for prescriptive care.  Key capabilities of this solution include:

Ingest Data​

Transform Data​

Personalize Care ​

Advance Analytics


Key business benefits of include:

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