Visual Storyboards

“Once upon a time…”, feels good even today. Everyone loves and remembers a story.


What makes a good story? As per renowned journalist, Will Storr – “a story is a description of something happening that is an explanation of cause and effect and is soaked in emotion.”

And, what does it have to do with data? Physician and statistician, Hans Rosling, said – “story telling makes data engaging and exciting. It makes people feel and do something.” Only when an action is taken that value is realized from data.

Visual Storyboards help break down a complex set of data into a combination of interesting insights, annotations, narrations and stories that enable a large and diverse team to align with the big picture and take swift action.


At CLOUDSUFI, we follow a systematic design-led approach to data visualization using visual storyboards:

Understand the business context & setting

The first step is always to listen, to understand the audience, the needs, and the business context.

Select the right visuals

Representing complex data requires a deeper understanding of how people interact with data intuitively – color, form, movement, spatial positioning all matter and need careful consideration.

Eliminate noise

Explore and remove the visual elements that don’t drive an understanding or an action.

Focus attention

Use visual techniques to highlight the key findings that need attention.

Define actions

Let the insights lead to the actions that need to be taken.

Create mock-ups

Translate the ideas into a wireframe and iteratively validate with business following an agile process.

Scale out

Functionally complete visual storyboards are then taken to production scale development, keeping performance and security in consideration.

If your data is misrepresented or presented ineffectively, key insights and understanding are lost, which hurts both your message, business and reputation. 

Your data is only as good as your ability to understand, communicate it, and drive an action, which is why choosing the right visualization techniques is essential.


Let’s tell a story with your data!

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