SUFICARE puts the patient at the center of care, personalizing all patient interactions and enhancing patient experience and outcomes.

Overview is a platform that digitizes all patient data, providing insights, and continuously improving. The goal is to orchestrates and customizes all patient interactions to enhance the experience and improve health.

Our solution puts the patient at the center of care or at the center of clinical trials.  Our digital patient platform helps clinicians engage, empower and connect with patients. At the center of our platform is a core set of technologies and capabilities built on google cloud. We bring in data from disparate data sources, both structured and unstructured, combining them with real time wearables and IOT devices to integrate and extract personalized patient insights. These insights are then appropriately provided in real time to patients, clinicians, caregivers, and others for clinical decision support. The solution integrates outcomes back into the AI engine for continuous improvement.

The Problem

The process of ingesting clinical, non-clinical, and behavioral data is manual, time-consuming and inefficient. Combining this data with real time wearable and IOT data requires significant effort.

How We Solve it

Key capabilities of  include:

Patient Portal

Extract Insights

Enrich Data

Personalized Model

Intelligent Engagement


Key business benefits of include:

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