™™ integrates all data across the hospital in real-time and provides optimized capacity and utilization for improved patient outcomes.


A hospital is a complex organization with dynamically changing situations every few hours. The hospital is organized into departments based on the type of care provided – for e.g. Emergency Department (ED), Critical Care, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cardiology, Orthopedics etc. Consolidating information across various departments into one view for the entire hospital, in-real time, to ensure proactive planning is no easy feat.  

Major hospitals and health systems, across the globe, face the challenge of a high occupancy making it difficult to provide accessible and efficient patient care.

SUFICARE™ is a Hospital Command Center that integrates data in real-time while continuously monitoring all operational processes and capacity throughout the hospital. Sophisticated algorithms make predictive forecasts for the coming hours and days, providing timely notifications regarding any operational issues. Real-time intelligent systems help drive the right decisions at the right time so as to effectively resolve any operational problems.™ also provides visibility into admission optimization. With the integrated dashboard a hospital can view, in real-time, end-to-end transparency from ED to patient recovery and discharge so as to manage appointments, staff, operation room (OR), beds, and other services.

The Problem

The process of having real-time data that is integrated across the various hospital departments, to optimize patient flow and experience at a hospital, is not readily available.

How We Solve It

Key capabilities of™ include:

Extract Insights in Real-Time

Enrich Data​

Intelligent Insights

Proactive Optimization

Key business benefits of™


Key business benefits of™ include.

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