Healthcare & Life Sciences Advisory Council 2022



Vice President & CIO (FFF Enterprises)



Chief Information Officer (City of Hope)



Chief Information Officer (City of Hope)

Dr. Ravi


Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Director (BioPlx, Inc., Firebreak, Carnegie Mellon University)

We exist to eliminate the gap between “Human Intuition” and “Data-Backed Decisions.”

Data is the new oxygen. We can’t live without it.

At CLOUDSUFI, we’re building a culture of data literacy and data driven decisions. We enable automated data discovery, delivering cognitive insights and actionable recommendations to positively impact your top and bottom line. We’re building better data experience by integrating multiple processes across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

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Transforming Processes. Transforming Lives.

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We filter out the noise, quickly getting to the heart of any problem. We refine and re-define processes, ensuring better outcomes—and better lives—for our users and consumers.

Data Supply Chain

Build a Future-Proof Data Supply Chain. Make it Anti-fragile.

Data Supply Chain

From data connectors to pipelines; data lakes to statistical models; AI to Quantum; visual storyboards to data driven automation; ML to NLP to Neural Networks and Computer Vision – we future-proof your data value chain. We help you thrive, not simply when it’s business as usual.

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TVD™ -

Time Value of Data

Data Monetization

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How much is your data worth?  Many don’t realize that the value of business data drops quickly after it is created, but if you can synthesis data into action faster, the value of business data increases. 

At CLOUDSUFI, we understand that data is money. We quickly drive insights from data to enable new business models, empowering you to increase both revenue and profitability. We help you create value from your data, NOW.

Product Engineering

Data Products

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 We build your Data Products to drive innovation – we drive new product development, product modernization and refactoring, intelligent automation and more. We offer design and managed service; user experience and cloud operations. We do all that – and everything in between – to guarantee your success.

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Meet Sufi™

Sufi™ is our suite of platform and products. We have our own revolutionary AI platform, SUFIBRAIN™ which stitches together components and services of the Google Cloud Platform to execute all functions required to create and govern AI products – it pulls data, transforms, models, tunes it, and recommends actions with cause-effect transparency. It also provides a specialization for industries by enabling common data models, compliance and interoperability requirements.

Sufi™ begins with the Health & Life Sciences industry, presenting AI products that improve patient and provider outcomes.


Customer Love

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CLOUDSUFIsm is about making you great. It is about passion and absolute trust. It’s about working to make our customers, partners, and community succeed because of who we are and what we can do. We love our customers and they love us back!

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Customer Centricity

Every customer is at the heart of CLOUDSUFI. And, every member of the organization focuses on providing a positive customer experience at every interaction. This is why customers love us and we love them back.

Pulse on Value

We believe in generating positive value and creating a positive impact in everything we do. This is true for our customers and equally true for our partners and the community.

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Data DNA

Data is our passion. Data literacy and creating a data driven culture is what we strive for. We make enterprise data dance, creating operational efficiencies, increased revenue and new revenue streams.

Distil™ & TVD™ Processes

We are driven by processes and we create new ones that break old school thinking. Our objective is to innovate faster and generate higher value. Distil™ filters out the noise around a problem, quickly getting us to the core. TVD™ enables us to evaluate use cases that’ll work and monetize data in the real-world.


We are young, cool and bold. We work without boundaries, never letting the ball drop at any time. We collaborate, we listen, we question, we respect, we deliver. We have fun.


Our suite of platform and products. A platform that makes AI possible for everyone and applications that jump-start transformation across industries. Sufi™ enables  improved human outcomes.

Pay It Forward

Revitalizing Lives

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Recharge. Renew. Revitalize. Seniors – they matter to us. We believe in their abilities. We pledge to equip them, to provide them jobs, and to bring them sufi joy.

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