CLOUDSUFI – a leading provider of data-driven digital transformation to cloud-based enterprises.

Our industry focus and deep engineering, integration, AI and analytics expertise help customers close the gap between human intuition and data-driven decisions   unlocking data monetization and evolving supply chains to unprecedented levels.  

We empower organizations to make smarter, faster decisions powered by AI  to positively impact their top line and bottom line.  

By enabling automated data discovery and delivering cognitive insights and  actionable recommendations, we make enterprise data dance

Private, Community &
Public Data Sources

ERP, CRM, MES, WMS, TMS, Finance,
Ops, IoT, Social media, Partner systems

Data Governance &

EIntegration, ETL/ELT, Data models,
Marts, DW, Data Ops

Business Strategy + Data + AI = Industry Solutions

Business Users

Applications, Process, DevOps

Data Analytics & Intelligence

ENetwork Graphs, Business intelligence,
AI Models, MLOps


We combine strategy with data and AI to empower you to make data-driven decisions.

Smarter. Faster.

01. Consulting

Unlock value with supply chain planning and execution assessment and strategy

02. Data Services

Modernize your integration, insights and intelligence journey

03. Engineering Services

Modernize and optimize your legacy applications and cloud Infrastructure


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