Data Monetization

The journey of data from bytes to insights is an amazing metamorphosis.


The Data Supply Chain is quite complex and includes four broad components from the point of creation to the point of consumption of actionable insights.

data acquisition

Data Acquisition

Acquiring a wide variety and volume of data from a number of internal and external sources where data is being generated by the millisecond.

data transformation

Data Transformation, Enrichment & Storage

Once the data is identified and ingested, it needs to brought to a central point where it can be explored, cleansed, transformed, augmented and enriched and finally modelled for use towards a purpose.

Statistical & Heuristic Modeling

Statistical & Heuristic Modeling

The models can be of different types using different algorithms yielding different levels of accuracy in different scenarios. Often a best-fit needs to be automatically selected based on the business scenario. Models need to be tuned and provided and environment for continuous feedback, learning and monitoring.


Visualization of Outcomes

The outcome of these models need to be explained to business by drawing cause-effect relationships highlighting where the most impact happens. This leads to a conclusion on how a set of problems can be solved or opportunities uncovered.

This complexity – from data connectors to pipelines; data lakes to statistical models; AI to Quantum; visual storyboards to data driven automation; ML to NLP to Neural Networks and Computer Vision – is what CLOUDSUFI completely takes care of for you! 

We future-proof your data value chain. We help you thrive, not simply when it’s business as usual.

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