CLOUDSUFI Reports Unprecedented Growth Amidst Global Shutdown

Company triples growth citing a new product roadmap and experienced executive team to lead growth

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 17, 2021 (PRNewswire)

Despite a global shutdown, CLOUDSUFI, a fast-growing AI product and services firm, announced it has more than tripled its growth over the past year, outpacing projections.

The impressive growth is attributed to the addition of several key hires, and the launch of a product roadmap that includes a portfolio of products that will offer the health and life sciences revolutionary tools to collect, analyze and monetize data.

“CLOUDSUFI is performing far beyond my expectations,” said Irfan Khan, the company’s President and CEO. “That’s a testament to the outstanding team, a very loyal customer base and creative thinkers who are working extremely hard to transform the enterprise data landscape. Our values – passion, integrity, empathy, and boldness – played an important role in crystallizing the company’s culture.”

The new suite of products is grounded on Khan’s core philosophy that CLOUDSUFI wants to “eliminate the gap” between “human intuition” and “data-backed decisions.” SufiBrain, which is the foundation for its solutions, offers a health and life sciences specific analytics platform. SufiDox is a solution that accurately parses unstructured data to a structured data set. SufiTouchAssist will seamlessly enable pre and post-visit patient engagement to improve outcomes. SufiContactAI will leverage AI/ML to customize responses to customer needs. NerveAI will help improve a hospital workflow by utilizing AI drive command center.

“Our product roadmap represents how CLOUDSUFI is going beyond offering just off-the-shelf solutions,” says Yuva Athur, CLOUDSUFI’s Chief Technology Officer. “We have developed industry-specific products that are designed to help companies in the health and life sciences sector become more efficient and respond better to patients.”

Athur, who previously worked at SAP for over two decades holding several leadership positions, explained that CLOUDSUFI has “embarked on a modernization of enterprises on the emerging complex hybrid cloud platforms.” As CLOUDSUFI’s Chief Technology Officer, Athur said the company takes a holistic view, ranging from infrastructure modernization to leveraging cloud platforms for creating next-generation platforms for enterprises.

Dipti Patel, CLOUDSUFI’s Chief Data Officer, and an experienced data and analytics expert added, “Data is growing at an astonishing rate. Health and life sciences businesses have been at the center of this global pandemic. Companies within this sector are looking for ways to figure out what to do with all the data they’ve collected. The features we’ve developed within SufiBrain are designed to arm these leaders with smart, adaptable applications.”

Patel, who was previously the Chief Data Officer at Vituity, says that data is key to CLOUDSUFI. “My role is to strategize about how we can leverage data to bring relevance and meaning to all who use our solutions,” she said. “Now, more than ever, we are seeing widespread innovation and integration of data science in various industries – healthcare, finance, manufacturing, marketing, and cyber-security. CLOUDSUFI has assembled a stellar team and I am eager to work with them to build and deploy innovative products.”

Zeba Vakil, CLOUDSUFI’s Chief Operating Officer, and CFO said the company is positioned for continued growth. “We have a hands-on leadership team, specialists in their fields,” said Vakil, who has held executive leadership roles at GE Capital, Genpact, Bank of America, and KPMG and has spent the last four years as a successful entrepreneur and serial investor in early-stage companies in fintech. “We’re continuing to create products that will enable our customers to monetize their data.”


At CLOUDSUFI, we’re building a culture of data literacy and data driven decisions. We enable automated data discovery, delivering cognitive insights and actionable recommendations to positively impact your top and bottom line. We’re building better data experience by integrating multiple processes across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

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